Wall Street x Silicon Alley Fellowship Program

For all the entrepreneur success stories, where college dropouts start billion dollar companies, a finance background can feel a lot like a scarlet letter. 

Even if you've got the passion, making that first jump from finance to startups is tough. You've got to stand out enough to get the interview and turn it into a role you'll actually like. 

And it means building a track record with a side project of some kind. While you're working long hours at your day job. 

That's why we're launching the Wall Street x Silicon Alley Fellowship program. It's your chance to work on projects with a startup on your own time - and develop skills to position yourself for a full time role.


Who's it for?
Full-time finance professionals looking to transition to the startup space within 1-2 years

What do Fellows do?
They work on meaningful projects spanning marketing, customer acquisition, market sizing, and strategy formulation based on the partner startup's needs

What's the time commitment?

8-10 hours a week, for 10 weeks

Where would I work?
The startup's office or remotely 


Which ventures will I work with?

Accepted Fellows are paired with one of ERA's many portfolio companies

How do I apply?
Apllication is now closed.  Stay tuned for our next Fellowship class in late summer.

What do I get paid?
Nada - this is unpaid. But we'll work with startups to create an experience that gets you working on critical startup problems - with a demonstrable impact. 

When would I start?
Stay tuned for our next Fellowship class


For more information regarding the fellowship, please read our FAQ below or email us at info@wallstreettosiliconalley.com


Fellowship FAQs


How does the program work?

The Fellowship program lasts 10 weeks and each accepted Fellow is paired with a high growth startup that has gone through the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator.  Fellows will be paired with one company and will work on various projects with company leaders to identify key challenges and opportunities, set deliverables, and complete projects that contribute to real growth.


What is the application process?

Up to 5 Fellows will be accepted into the program.  The program is selective and the application process will include the online application, phone interview, and multiple “speed dating” interviews with participating companies.  Applicants are not guaranteed a spot in the Fellowship program by applying.


What is ERA?

Launched in 2011 and located in the heart of New York City, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) provides participant companies with an intensive four-month program with the goal of helping early-stage companies progress rapidly into exciting, viable businesses.


ERA companies are technology companies with a significant technology component, since those are the companies ERA can help the most. ERA looks for companies best able to take full advantage of the New York City opportunity as a starting point to successfully enter the market for their product, service or application


What ventures will Fellows be working with?

Most ERA companies will be software or software-related in some way, and may be either B-to-B or B-to-C-focused.  Industries represented include: Internet, Mobile, E-Commerce, Local, Media, Ad Tech, SaaS, Financial Tech, Fashion Tech and Payments.  See here for a list of ERA portfolio companies.


What is expected of Fellows?

Fellows are expected to commit a minimum of 8-10 hours per week.  Hours are flexible and can be done remotely, on weekends, or even weeknights.  Time commitment will be worked out by the Fellow and each company. Deliverables will be largely project based which wont require the Fellow to be present during normal business hours.


What function will Fellows perform?

Fellows are expected to perform a host of different business and operational functions. These functions will mirror the requirements of the company at that point in time.  As is the nature of early stage startups, the work type and complexity will vary and can change very quickly.  While we cannot promise the type of below work, examples of work functions are:

-           Customer Discovery

-           Customer Acquisition and LTV Analysis

-           Financial Modeling

-           Investor Outreach and Research

-           Market Research & Sizing

-           Competitive Analysis

-           Strategy Formulation


Is there any type of compensation for this role?

No monetary or equity compensation will be awarded the Fellows efforts during or after the program, nor should any be expected. 


Any career or monetary opportunities that arise from the program are independent of Wall Street to Silicon Alley’s purview and are to be assessed independently by the Fellow at his or her discretion.